This year, I've made it a goal to grow my hair back. I really miss having long hair and though I've had a lot of fun having short hair for the last 2-3 years - I'm bored. I fancy a nice lengthy change. I'm really started to miss my long hair and I really miss all the different hairstyles I could do with it. I've also got the idea of getting my ombré back once it's a little longer preferably before my holiday in April, but I'm not 100% sure on that idea JUST yet.
So of course, I turned to Pinterest when these thoughts occurred to start planning what I would do to help the growth of my hair, and what styles I would go for when it was finally time to head to the salon and show them what I wanted. Today I thought it would be nice to share with you my ideas!

In terms of length, I'm looking to grow it as long as possible. I've never had hair past my chest area so it would be lovely to get those long 'mermaid' locks! I've been searching lots of ways to help it grow and I'm hoping I can test out some of the tricks at home like not throwing my hair up in a towel anymore (causing breakages), skipping shampoo sometimes (removing essential natural oils) and also giving your scalp a massage with a good hair oil once a week. And hopefully I can start seeing some results over time - because I know hair doesn't grow overnight but it hasn't been growing very much this winter (and I haven't cut it since September)!

full bangs, lash length tapered to cheekbone length.: hair styles for long hair curls: This is what I dream my hair will look like oh i want my auburn hair back:

I loved my ombré the first time I did it, and the only reason I got rid of it was because it was getting brassy and looking pretty awful really. And I was just starting the era of bright red hair which I have to say, was glorious and probably my most favourite hair style to date! It was just a little too expensive to keep it consistently red :( Boo. But OMBRÉ! Now that's something that I think I could easily look after along with long hair and I also think I could pull off again.
Here are some of my inspirations for ombré hair right now...

Dark to Caramel Ombre Hair: Aveda Colorist Hair Studio & Spa.  Brown to Blonde ombre balayage highlights, long hair, straight style, loving this beautiful new look! 37 Most Current Hottest Hair Colour Tips For 2015 | Laddiez:
@amandadurussel9 love this one too.. This is exactly what I was thinking for you: LIVED IN COLOR™ Hair Color by Johnny Ramirez • IG: @johnnyramirez1 • Appointment inquiries please call Ramirez|Tran Salon in Beverly Hills at 310.724.8167.: Colour for Nina's hair:

As I mentioned before, I'm still not quite sure what sort of ombré I'm going for, but I am heading towards the harsher looking ombrés than the subtler ones. Maybe I can find something right in the middle I'm going to love!

What are your hair goals for 2016 or are you digging your hair right now! Let's talk all about hair in the comments below ♥



  1. I have to say I've had long to long, long hair for the past few years. I can understand you wanting to grow it out. I love my long hair and can't imagine cutting it any shorter than losing maybe a few inches.

    S .x

    1. I've never had really long hair, so it would be lovely to experience! I miss my longest hairstyle! x

  2. my hair is pretty much exactly the same as the girl with the long straight ombre hair, I really cant decide what I want to do with it now, and if I am wanting to stay ombre :) But you should go for it, I have loved it for so long :)

    1. WOW! I love it :D It's probably my favourite one x