My February

This February has been an odd month. And not only because it's a leap year this year. This February, I seem to have lost the mojo I had over December and January and I've been having a really hard time. But I can't say it was an all bad month. I've had some good days and I hate to be negative, but I still make February a write off.

When I think of the highlights of my month, I've got three days in particular I had fun. This would be right at the beginning of the month when I had lunch with the work girls - because it was SO nice to just relax and catch up with them properly. We went to a buffet place and I stuffed my face full of all the chinese food I could - and chips. I had lots of them too. We chatted for hours and I had such a great time just being with friends for a night!
I also have my little brother's birthday which was great. I made him a West Ham shirt cake that he loved and we went bowling with family and his friends. We split the lane girls vs. boys and I won out of all the girls (without the bumpers up tyvm)! I also had my cousin sleep over the night before and we were just catching up on life which was lovely :) 
And the last day I'd say I had a great time this month was Valentine's Day - just because I got to spend it being a normal Sunday evening with John. It's not that I don't like Valentine's Day - it's just that it's so over commercialised and so close to all the other special occasions we celebrate. We ate dinner, we watched a film and enjoyed each others company ♥

In terms of why February is a write off for me. It seems like the month did a huge U-turn on my goals and keeping myself as positive as I can be. It's all a bit to real that one of my most important goals for the year might not be possible. It doesn't mean that I'm not motivated to hope it changes, because I'm doing everything in my power to turn it right back around!! It's also de-motivated me in terms of my blog - I've taken a small back step just because I've needed some serious down time to myself. I've needed a huge break away from things and though it doesn't seem I have because I have posted pretty reguarly, I have taken a huge break thanks to scheduling. I just hope March makes me a lot happier than February did!

In March I'm looking forward to: getting back into my blogging routine, shopping for some holiday wear, visiting my aunt and uncle in France and hopefully getting back on track with my life stuff :)
I'm also sorry if I'm being super-vague about what it is that's got me like this, it just isn't something I'd like to specify on the blog right now. I hope you all understand ♥


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