#SummerLove - Zakynthos

It's hard to show you my most favourite and memorable holiday in 5 photos, but I'm going to try anyway after being challenged by James Villa for their #SummerLove compeition.
Zakynthos was amazing, and even after my camera broke half way through the holiday, I carried on trying to document as much of it as I could via my tiny and almost useless HTC Wildfire. It was the most amazing holiday for so many reasons, and I have an everlasting urge to return and revisit the amazing hidden gems we found on the island.

Zakynthos was mine and John's first holiday together back in July 2011. It was the holiday that made us, and created a joint passion for travel. We stayed in a small town called Argassi in Zakantha Beach Hotel. It was simple, with amazing hospitality and right at the edge of town. They had their own private beach area where we spent time playing card games and relaxing in the sunshine.
The town was simply the best place to stay. Though small, there were some great bars and restaurants to visit and had breakfast every morning at an amazing cafe near the hotel serving full english breakfasts. There was also a bakery that we're convinced was open 24/7 serving the nicest doughnuts. I remember getting one at 2am one night!

We hired a quad bike for 3 of our days on the island and it was the best spontaneous decision we made! We ended up quad biking to places like Banana Bay (known for the water sports and beaches) and taking the most beautiful winding roads. We pretty much stopped at every place with a restaurant or beach area because it was all so beautiful to pass by - and to take a break from the sunshine!
Our favourite place by far was a small tiny beach that took us forever to get to. In fact, we thought we got lost after we climbed up through farm lands and winding dirt tracks. Right at the end the most beautiful view of the turtle islands and a secluded beach down below, and we were happy! (Especially after dropping our only water bottle down a steep steep drop!) The place was called Dafni Bay and had just two restaurant there. There weren't many people, and we're pretty sure we were the only tourists there. It was the best day. The beach was quiet, we swam in the beautiful waters and just relaxed. I believe it was the most relaxed I've ever been in my life.

I think the second best day for us was when we went on our turtle excursion! We took a boat around the island's beautiful caves and swam in the ocean nearby. With a glass bottom boat we were able to see the deep blue below and spotted a few turtles too! Me and John love animals so seeing these turtles in their natural habitat was the best. They were so happy and safe in these waters being protected by the people on the island. We'd both never done anything like this before too so it was an experience to remember and share together.

The whole holiday was amazing. I adored every bit of it and was choking up the day we left. Not only had I left this holiday with a stronger relationship, but we shared the most wonderful new experiences and adventures together. So much so that we're visiting yet another greek island this year. We always joke that we'll never have another holiday as amazing as Zakynthos, but I actually believe that's true. Not one holiday has lived up to the adventures from Zante yet and I don't believe any in the future will, simply because it was the holiday that made us ♥



  1. So happy you both had a great time. I love the little straw huts, such vacation feels. I've never been or even heard of Zakynthos actually! I love being introduced to new places.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Thank you! It was the most perfect holiday - I loved the beach in this first photo - it was everything you imagine a tropical holiday to be.
      It's usually known as Zante too - but I like calling it Zakynthos better :P x