Wishlist | Early SS15

Printed Bodysuit | Ballet Pumps | Red Stripe Shirt | Lace Cami | Striped Dress
Slash Knee Jeans | White Peplum | Printed Cardigan | Black Bodysuit | Pink Trainers

Spring/Summer style is starting to appear in stores and after a little window shopping yesterday I am inspired by the new styles for the coming season. I love the tile prints, the clean light colours, the pastel pinks and bold blacks and not forgetting the striped shirts that looks like is making a statement comeback.
I'm so excited for it all because it's so up my street in terms of colours and prints. The only thing that's bugging me, is the loose shapes and lack of shoes that aren't loafers or pointed toes. A girl with big feet can't be wearing pointed toes - but those lace ups from Zara on today's wishlist can make an exception thanks to their beautiful design! Hallelujah, something that isn't just plain!

On my wishlist this week, I'm looking at possible holiday and weekend clothing! I am loving that cardigan mainly because of the way H&M styled it online, and the bodysuits because they are bodysuits! I'm also in dire need of new jeans, and I adore the slash knees. As for the shirt - I've always loved this style and for some reason I've just never bought into it. Maybe this year I can invest in this gorgeous red one and maybe a blue one too.