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Maxi Dress / Floral Belt / Red Skater / Adidas Co-ord (Top / Bottoms)
Lace Up Jeans / Midi Skirt / Studded Pumps / Swimsuit / Camel Peep Toe Boots
Red Halter / Cold Shoulder Dress / Sunglasses / Monochrome Shorts / Crochet Shopper

I've really got to stop looking at things online because my wishlist is longer than both my arms and legs put together and I do not have the money to buy it all! I WISH.
I'm starting to see a lot that I love cropping up in the New In pages and with Santorini just two months away I want to get a couple of bits for my holiday. Some versatile things so that I can create lots of looks! I'm really loving the pink midi skirt, the red halter and those amazing black lace jeans for versatility. But look at that Adidas co-ord. I'm not a sportswear kinda gal, but I kinda love this Adidas co-ord for it's floral prints and because it's actually just really nice for casual days in the summer!
Also, because it's not going to be super-hot in Santorini because we're going in April I want to take a swimsuit instead of a bikini, because if I'm not going to tan a lot I don't think I need to worry about bikini lines! I love this one from Missguided - they have a great selection of swimwear, so I think I'll definitely be picking something from there for my holiday.

What's your favourites on this week's wishlist?



  1. Good call! If you don't have to worry about bikini lines, you can have so much fun with the bathing suit you want to wear. There are so many cute ones out there I'm too afraid to try!

    1. I love bathing suits - I just wish the bikini lines thing wasn't a problem for me! I love a good tan! :P x

  2. OMG all the stripes and that pink pleated skirt please! Perfct for ss16!

    Isobel x

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    1. It is isn't it? I love pastels in the summer <3 x