Life Update | Where Have You Been?

First of all, I'm sorry that I've taken a back step on the blog for the last two weeks. I know I haven't been very consistent or interesting with my posts lately and it's stressing me OUT! It's been a crazy few weeks and I simply haven't been able to keep up. I'm posting only once/twice a week instead of my usual 3/4, and I feel bad for not having posted properly in a while but that ends here. I want to explain where I've been and how things just snowball so rapidly getting me to this "Argh! Help me!" stage where I've got so many post ideas and no time to do them in. So here's a little life update/talk about what's going on right now and what I've been up to lately. Errr.... enjoy?

Let's bullet point this stuff for simplicity and easy to read points.

  • Last weekend I was busy from the minute I left work Friday night until 10pm Sunday night. No proper internet, no laptop: no blogging. But that's okay, because I was actually having an amazing time on a road trip to Saint Clair in France. I went there to see my aunt and uncle with my mum and my sister, and we had the loveliest time shopping and eating French food. We also got caught up in a snowstorm on our drive to Saint Clair (just outside Paris) and couldn't see more than 10 inches in front of us. It was crazy and took us twice the time to get to our hotel because we couldn't drive very far very fast! If you follow me on snapchat (catttsays) then you might have seen this on Saturday morning! It was a great weekend but I'm still recovering from lack of sleep! 
  • Currently my focus has been on work/career stuff. I don't want to talk to much about it on my blog, because it's currently a little complicated and  is actually very personal to me, but that's where my attention has been for the last two weeks at the very least. I'm trying to make sure I've giving myself my best chance for a better and happier future right now, and it's taking all my time and effort. It's been time very well spent and I'm so happy to be so career driven right now, because I'm more career driven than I have ever been before! I'm doing all that I can to make this happen for me.
  • I've also been trying to figure out my evenings properly and to be honest, they haven't been working out very well for me! I'm trying to juggle socialising, working out, blogging and chill time and I definitely haven't got there yet. I need to set up like an "at home" rota to get my evening time sorted - how do you organised people do it!? I'm organised - but not THAT organised! Either way, I've been keeping up with the socialising and the working out in terms of doing it when needed but I need to get time slots and days down. I think then I might just have it all in order. I also need to allocate maybe like a whole blogging day/evening. What do you do to stay blog/social-life/work/fitness/me-time organised!? SEND ME LINKS AND SELF HELP STUFF.
  • I've been taking time out too. Some days I'm just drained, and instead of being a social butterfly, or busy I need lazy time. I don't think this counts as me time because I'm not doing ALL the exact same things as I would be doing during me time. I'm usually found playing a rubbish game on my phone, watching tv/youtube or snapchatting filters. These hours are usually regretted after and I need to snap out of them but I have to admit the time-out time has been needed for recuperation recently.
I do look like I'm making a mass amount of lengthy excuses, but life seriously catches up on your sometimes and I haven't had the time of day to sit, write and schedule posts let alone take photos! I've not learnt that it's okay that this happens, because I don't feel okay about it. But I will learn eventually. I actually have lots of post ideas and I'm hoping I can schedule 90% of them over the next two weeks. I hope you can be a little more patient with me, I'm trying my best to keep my head above water right now and I'll be back to business by the weekend. I think my new posts will be worth a little wait! Again, I'm sorry I've been a little AWOL. Forgive me?

Also if you're new here - HI! Thanks for following and usual bloggy stuff will be resuming as normal by this weekend! ♥



  1. No need to apologize love, take your time to get back on track - I know exactly how you feel!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  2. Same here! Due to evetns, travelling and work, I've literally been trying to spend every spare minute I can dedicated to my blog, as if my blog isn't organised, I don't even feel orgainsed. It's like it messes up my brain, I even think about it at work which also stresses me out at work then! I've learnt recently how to cope with it though by schedueling everything, putting everything I need to do each day in my diary and limiting myself on what I should do each day and when I need to do things etc. I also struggle to fit in, socialising, fitness and eating healthily etc. lately. I tend to text my friends within the week and meet up with them at the weekend or plan days out with them well in advance so I won't let them down. With fitness, I tend to try and excerise at work (as I work with children) by running around a lot with them and creating excerising games that will be beneficial for myself and the children but it my eating habbits aren't the best as I eat every 2 hours but random things so it's not helping my moods either... :/ got any tips? Tweet me please if you do Cat!

    Isobel x

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