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It's been a while since I've visited my usual online shopping places and found something I've really liked. But visiting them again this week I've found some beautiful things that I actually like. I've been a little picky with my fashion choices recently leaving me feeling almost out of the loop. I'm really done with seeing either high neck everything or plunging necklines on everything. Sometimes even both (what?)! It's really not me and I miss the prettier feminine pieces, fitted shapes and flattering necklines that don't show lots of chest! Basically - I've not been style inspired for a while and it's seriously frustrating. But enough with the rant....

As you can see the pieces on my wishlist show all of the things I've been looking for for the last few months! I'm in love with any crochet/embroidery dresses, besotted with those printed pastel shirts and I'm in definite need of some layering pieces like that beautiful kimono. I can imagine wrapping myself in that gorgeous knitted cardigan outside in the summer. I'd love all the money to buy this first though please. All wishlists, no cash. A girl can dream!!!



  1. I am all about those sandals. They're cute & I love the height. :]

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  2. The culottes and kimono please <3 The kimono especially is gorgeous with the little embroidery detailing!

    Isobel x

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