My April

April is over and it's been super kind to me. I've enjoyed some time in the sun, explored a new country, ticked something off my travel bucket list, been to my first football game and officially completed a 2016 goal. If that doesn't count for a pretty great month for a pretty average woman, I don't know what does! Can I tell you all about April's highlights now? :)

Right at the beginning of the month, John and I visited the beautiful island of Santorini. It was an amazing time away where we ate well, explored the entire island, basked in the sun and admired the beauty around us in both nature and architecture. I wrote all about it in a What Cat Did post when I got back and I've still got a little of the post-holiday blues left. Can I go back for a little longer please?

Also this month, I attended my first ever football match! John had found some well priced tickets for the Arsenal vs West Bromwich match on the 21st and we went for my first ever football experience. I tell you what I was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere and buzz you get from the minute you get out of the tube station! When we arrived at Arsenal, John bought me a scarf before the match and we ate a burger each from the burger vans surrounding the stadium. When we got in the stadium and to our seats, we were actually really close to the pitch. The game was great too, the atmosphere was buzzing throughout and I really got into it, especially for a girl who doesn't like watching it on TV. We won 2-0 in the end, and I can honestly say I'd love to go to another match again! It was fun! :)

Though the beginning of April was jam packed and all exciting, the excitement eventually fizzled out and the month calmed over the last two weeks. I'm back into a routine again and I'm looking into future plans after also receiving my unconditional offer to teacher train from September. It was such exciting news and I managed to celebrate it with a trip to mine and John's favourite pub for a meal out.

On less important things, I've been really proud of myself for not picking at my acrylic nails for an entire month. None of them have pinged off or chipped and they're so grown out now I can't hide it anymore. I've had to cut them down too but I think it's time for them to go now that my natural nail are long underneath! This will be the first time I have long natural nails and I'm scared I'm going to ruin or break them within the first day of taking my acrylics off, but I'm going to give it a try anyway. I'd love to have long natural nails for once! I'd love some tips on keeping them healthy if you have any.

I've also decided that now I have a little more free time I really need to focus on myself. I realised that though I class blogging as me time, I need some real away from technology me time if that makes sense? I'm planning to start getting back into books and enjoying the simpler things in life like drawing and maybe getting back into some art if possible. Wouldn't that be nice?

In May I look forward to seeing my all time favourite band Busted, celebrating a friend's birthday in London and being a more productive and motivated woman! What will you be looking forward to in May?


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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing April! Your holiday photos look gorgeous! Hope you have a fab May xx

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