Style | Catz Watch

I love watches. I never used to be a watch kinda girl, but over the last couple of years I started to really like them, and now feel odd when I'm not wearing one. So when I received this Catz watch as a present this Easter, I was really excited because well... new watch! And because it's got a cat face on it! ♥ 

Everyone knows I'm a dog person at heart, but give me something with a cat on it and I'm won over. So when I received this watch, I was super excited to start wearing it. I had one like this before, but it was a cheap thing from Primark that snapped in a matter of weeks whereas this one from a brand called Catz has a 2 year guarantee, and you can see why thanks to a really sturdy and strong watch strap in a gorgeous beige colour with gold hardware and a strong ticking internals. I love the tick of a watch... It's soothing. Who else likes that? I know I'm not weird for that!

This watch definitely speaks to me and totally my style. It looks so good and fun on and works a charm. I love the little ears and the face on this watch is adorable. What more could you want from a playful and stylish cat watch?