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I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood Bags and of course if you've seen any of my dream/designer inspired wishlists before, you'd have seen a beautiful Snake Frilly Heart Bag in white, black or pink somewhere on one of those wishlists. It's my dream designer bag and I think they're so beautiful and quirky. If I were to buy a designer bag, I don't want it to be just any bag - I want it to make a statement and be a little different and obvious... Just like this one! What more can I say about it that I haven't already. I'll buy one of these one day ♥...
Also on my wishlist that's more realistically priced for me are these gorgeous sunnies. The top ones by Bvlgari and the bottom ones by Dior. I'm so in love with those Dior ones. I love mirrored glasses at the moment and the shape is so unique to anything I've seen recently. As for the other ones; Who doesn't like a classic look with a twist?
Though very different, two brands I admire are Dolce & Gabbana (fave ever) and Moschino. These dresses are my favourites from their current collections that I'd so totally wear if I had a place (and the money) to wear them! That D&G dress just looks amazing; the print calls out to me like crazy and those sleeves just make the dress complete. Gorgeous style from D&G as always ♥
And because I am a little quirky - of course, I love that dress by Moschino. The simple feminine shape and the crazy print is so up my street. I don't think I could go any crazier than this if I ever went for something Moschino... Though they have a cute bag of Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls I looked at earlier...
All I need is a huge flow of cash so I can shop my designer wishlists... A girl can dream!


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