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This post was inspired by my John this week. On Sunday went out shopping for last minute holiday things and we ended up in a couple of shoe shops and I couldn't help but browse the women's trainers whilst he shopped for his next new pair. He loves his trainers and gets some amazing pairs and now, he's slowly getting me into them too and I'm obsessing over so many pairs right now.

I used to be a converse girl back in my early teens and before that I would only wear Reebok! But these days I'm swaying more towards Nike and Adidas. And after seeing Kylie wearing her new Puma range on Snapchat - I'd love a pair of those too. If they suit me of course! They're a little different but I like them.
Right now I'm thinking my next trainer investment will be on a pair of Adidas Superstars for their versatility and because I love the classic style. I'm particularly loving the white and pink ones and I love the metal toe on some of them too. Over the last 5 years I've probably owned just two pairs of trainers (my white converse and my brown), and now my Nike Dart XI. But I'm really loving the idea of adding some more trainers into my shoe collection to replace those heels I never wear, and adding a casual edge to some outfits. I love a little of that Lily Allen vibe going at times. And I'd also love to be a girl that can rock trainers with a super stylish look!
I'm just not a courts and heels kinda gal anymore! I've slowly swayed away from a cute stiletto heel mainly because my feet can't handle it anymore. Is it my age!? Plus, I don't really have anywhere to wear them so finding a versatile shoe like a boot, or some chunky heels that won't kill me makes me super happy. I'm the kinda girl you always see in a heeled boot or a chunky heel but I'm not a stiletto-ed sandal or court girl anymore. I love my chunky heels, boots and pumps in the summer but now all I want are some hot as trainers!

What are your thoughts on trainers as a staple in our wardrobes now? I love it. Comfort, and a stylish sporty edge to a smart look is a winner for me!


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