My May

Another month gone and oh, this ones been a goodie! The weather has perked up so much that a coat isn't always necessary and I've gone to lots of different places and done lots of different things this month. On top of that I also hit a couple of milestones in terms of blogging this month too. I'm actually looking forward to recapping and looking back on May! What a great month...

Nothing has been more beautiful than some of the days we had earlier on at the start of the month. And with blossom in the trees the world was that little bit more photogenic. It's just such a shame it doesn't stay around long enough right? One of those days we decided to take Dodger out for a lovely walk around some countryside walkways. It was a lovely walk and something John and I hadn't done in a long time so it was nice to finally get back outdoors and do something different.
In that same week John and I went to one of those Everyman Cinemas where they have sofas instead of your usual cinema seating! It was a great new experience and was lovely doing something we usually do but with a twist!

In the middle of May, there was a surprise brewing. My aunt was visiting from France but my parents had no idea. The surprise went perfectly - my mum was speechless, so happy and blubbering in shock! They're the best of friends so it was lovely! That weekend we went on shopping, to the casino and out for a lovely family dinner. It was a great weekend and I couldn't have wished for a better time with my family.

The weekend after was also something to highlight as John and I took a spontaneous trip to Great Yarmouth where we stayed the night and spent the Saturday on the sea front! Great Yarmouth was the first place we went together in terms of breaks away, so I love returning with him. We played our fave arcade games, ate chips like brits do, bought tons of sweets and walk along the pier together. I have a cute photo we took in one of those photo booths too! A weekend that was much needed and one to remember.

And to wrap up the month an event that I've been waiting for since about October time last year when Busted announced their return! A couple of friends and I went to the Busted concert at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday and it was AMAZING. Emma Blackery and Wheetus supported and Busted played some of their classics along with a couple of their unreleased new songs from an upcoming album that I'm anxiously waiting for! I just can't believe it's over already - such a great night! I'm sorry for those who had to deal with my super-long snapchat story too! (username: catttsays btw.)

My month was a whole lot of fun and with busy weekends left right and centre I definitely feel like I need a quiet and do-nothing break which is why I'm glad to have the next week off! I've got lots to look forward to in June including seeing my girl Ana from La Bella Vita this week, The #BloggersBall on the 18th, The #VikingArtyParty on the 25th and the induction day for my course! I've also got the IMAX to look forward to tomorrow - I'm going to see 3D Warcraft: The Beginning!

I'll end my post with a couple of things I proudly achieved this month too. First of all I reached my 6 year blog anniversary. Though I didn't do anything to celebrate it and it's just another year doing something I really enjoy, at one point last year I didn't think I'd get here so it's lovely to know I reached it and 100% happy with where me and my blog are at. On top of that two days later (today actually) I officially reached 900 blog followers!!! I made it a 2016 goal to reach 1000 by December but I never thought I'd be so close 5 months in! I'm so grateful to everybody who has followed me and who reads my blog. A big THANK YOU to all of you ♥

I hope you all have had a wonderful May and have an even more wonderful June! ♥


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