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Geometric | Oriental Blossom | Floral Dip-Hem | Grey Floral
Contrast Buttons | Ariana Floral | Lilac Lace

This August, my friend is getting married and of course being a wedding guest, I've started to look for a potential outfit for the day because I don't want to be a last minute crazy person with no options! I haven't been to that many weddings in the past, so I'm a little stuck on what to wear to a wedding, but I know that I want something floral and fitted.

With my workouts in full swing, I'm hoping to feel a little more confident in myself by August and I want to wear something to reflect that a little. I've found these beautiful dresses online, but I'm struggling to pick one because they are all so lovely! I do really love all of these but I'm definitely floating towards the Oriental, Grey Floral and Ariana dresses the more I look at them. I'm going to ask the boyfriend for a little help and the bride too, but I'd love to know your thoughts on what dress I should go for! Honestly, right now I can't pick because I want them all and I need someone to help me! Help me!?

What dress if your favourite and why? ♥


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  1. So many pretty Spring dresses. The Ariana floral one is lovely. I hope you have a wonderful experience at your friend's wedding. :]

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