June Favourites

What Cat Says - June Favourites
Hello friends. Apologies for the lateness of this post. I'm normally really good at getting my favourites out on the last day of the month or the very first day of the month. I've been so busy these last few days that I haven't been able to even get my laptop out, let alone blog. But I'm back and I can't wait to show you this month's five favourites!
What Cat Says - June Favourites
First on my favourites is this gorgeous blue, white, red and orange striped strappy dress from Primark. I bought this back in April in Primark after falling in love with it at first sight and I make every excuse possible to be able to wear it at the moment. It's a really easy to wear for summer fabric, and though I'm not usually into dainty details like string tie belts or simple slip style dresses, I'm really won over by this dress. The colours are perfect and it looks lovely on. You can see more of it in one of my latest outfit posts.

What Cat Says - June Favourites
My second favourite this month is a pair of shoes I bought last year, again from Primark. I have a love/hate relationship with Primark shoes thanks to their very odd sizing and also their inconsistent quality. But these are one of those exceptionally great pairs where the size is perfect and the quality is all there! (I know this because they've lasted an entire year rather than scraping through a month!) With the sun coming out every now and then, I decided it was time to get the good shoes out and so I pulled out my favourite black chunky heels. I've started wearing these all the time and they're honestly so comfortable too. One of my best Primark shoes ever. More like this please Primark?

What Cat Says - June Favourites
Next on my favourites is a new addition to my makeup collection and certainly not the last from this range of liquid lipsticks. Nyx has finally hit the UK, and in my excitement I was so happy to find one of their counters in London the other day and buy myself one of their amazing Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in Amethyst. It's a gorgeous royal purple colour that comes out EXACTLY like the colour on the tube. I mean it - exactly the same! There is no exaggeration, and on top of that the staying power, pigment and feel of this product on my lips is beautiful. It does come away when you eat and drink, but that's about it - nothing a touch up won't fix. It's even kiss proof! Tried and tested ♥
My new prescription sunglasses from Firmoo are also a favourite this month thanks to allowing vision on sunny days with style and without the squint! I've been struggling to see properly wearing my regular glasses in the sun since the days have become brighter and so to fix the problem, I took it upon myself to use a discount code for a pair of sunnies on their website. I absolutely love the colour of these glasses and the style is simple and trendy. I do kind of wish the hardware was silver, but I do think the pink and gold work well together anyway. They're just simply making my life a little easier lately - and in style as a bonus! I wrote all about them in a style post recently too.

What Cat Says - June Favourites
Last but not least on my favourites this month, is my new leaf print duvet set from Primark. It's tropical, summery, bright and though it is quite 'in your face', I've needed something just like that as well as new and summer themed to change my room up a little bit. This duvet has done just that, and it's actually pretty comfy too.
So those are my favourites for the month of June. I've also been loving OITNB on Netflix which I've finished watching already! That season was amazing, and I'm so glad because I was extremely disappointed with season 3 anyway and that's just made up for it. I've also really been into World of Warcraft after watching the film. I've been playing the game with my boyfriend for super-chilled out date nights and it's honestly lovely to have a game to play as well as something different and fun to do together.
What have been your favourites from June?


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