10 Things All Us Bloggers Do On Social Media

What Cat Says - 10 Things All Us Bloggers Do On Social Media

Being a blogger is basically its own lifestyle now. There are so many things that us bloggers do simply because we ARE a blogger. I was thinking the other day about our social media habits and I giggled at the habits I know I have on social media and then asked some some blogger friends on Twitter what other ones they noticed we do! They highlighted some pretty good ones and asked them if I could borrow them for this post. Now, I know this post has been covered a hundred times by other bloggers but I wanted to write my own okay!? And I wanted to include the ones from my friends on Twitter. Like a mini-collab! And particularly focus on our social media habits just for the lols! How many can you relate to?
  1. #hashtagging #every #blogger #related #hashtag #on #Instagram - I am highly guilty of this blogger habit! Every post without fail I will hashtag whatever hashtag there is related to my post. We all love to scroll through our favourite hashtags every now and then and find great posts and new instagrammers to follow and so does everybody else. It's proven to work for our growth so why not? But it's bloody hilarious that we all do it.
  2. Plugplugplug - 100% of bloggers plug their newest posts on social media. There is NO denying that you do this! I do this. I do this all the time. In fact I'm a scheduler of my plugging tweets now. And I don't have a clue what I'm doing. It's all pretty random, but I'm doing it! It's in our nature as bloggers to tell the world we just wrote something new and you should read it because it's our best post yet and you're totally going to love it! How else can we drive traffic to our blogs?
  3. Take 124876302 selfies before posting the right one - We love taking a selfie especially when we're looking on point! And sometimes we just need to show the world how on point we're looking today. And we'll take up our storage space in selfies because we need to get the perfect one. That one that'll make everyone see how smoking you're looking today! And when we're done, we'll delete all but our best one which we'll keep in our album of selfies the iPhone MAKES you have - and just to make room for the next cluster of selfies.
  4. Use every filter on snapchat possible. Daily - I'm still a Snapchat baby. I don't know what I'm doing on there most of the time but I love a good snapchat filter. We all do. I follow a bunch of you bloggers on there and I've noticed that we all love to talk with a filter on our faces. Whether it's the sad face, the golden butterflies, the flower crown, the dog or one of their special featured ones. We've all done that thing where we video ourselves using a new filter and mini-review it as a first impressions. Because of the blogger in us. And because they're hella fun!
  5. Tweeting #bloggerproblems (@The_Ting_Thing) - Ain't nothing like having a whine on twitter about your latest issues as a blogger and using this amazing hashtag! Whether it's about how the lighting is about to disappear as Autumn descends upon us or whether it's the fact that you've gone into Superdrugs and you've swatched every single thing you love  there, your arm is covered in colours and you have no wipes in your handbag. Meanwhile the security guard is following you around like you're about to raid the place. Ting who blogs at The Ting Thing said "When I am going through something that only a blogger would understand I look at the hashtag and it makes me laugh and the same because I know I'm not alone and that it is important. Even if it's only important to bloggers". She's on the money there don't you think?
  6. Buying things because they're 'So Instagram' (@JadeAnnLoves) - You spotted that rose gold whatever it is, or those cute fairy lights that would look great as prop in your next Instagram or blog photo. And you buy it not because you need it. Not because it's useful to you. But because it's 'so instagram' friendly and it'll look make your post look amazing. You my friend, have bought yourself a true blogger prop! Jade from JadeAnnLoves tweeted me this earlier: "I saw copper hangers in Primark today and I immediately tweeted to let other bloggers know! They are the perfect blogger prop!" I saw this tweet. It made me LOL because now even I want to buy them... My room can't even take copper. It's shifts from a black, white and red theme to black, white, pink and green. There is no room for copper in this room but I want them!
  7. Using words like "lovely, amazing and cute" more than you would EVER in everyday conversation (@_AnaCristina_) - You know. That word that you use all the time in your posts. So much so that you consider googling synonyms to try and change it up a little bit. For me, that word is 'super'. If you read anything I write on my blog or social media, things are always 'super cute' or 'super comfortable'. For Ana from La Bella Vita - it's lovely. Everything is lovely. "The word lovely gets wayyy over used! Hope you are well 'lovely', Aww thanks 'lovely', I too, am guilty of this! Haha". I've seen over-use of the words: amazing and cute on social media and blogs alike too! 
  8. #FollowFriday - but only for our blogger friends! - Without meaning to. I have always done #FollowFridays for my blogger friends. Gotta share the love for my blogger friends. But I don't think I can remember a time where I ever did it for friends I have that aren't bloggers. It's a bit harsh isn't it - but have you ever #FollowFriday-ed a friend who isn't a blogger!?
  9. Take over twitter with our blogger chats - #thegirlgang, #fblchat, #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #lbloggers, #cfbloggers, #bdib.... Shall I carry on? Now I am terrible at the moment with joining chats and to be honest, right now I haven't got the time but I do love them and get soooo into them when I take part. Whenever there's a chat on it's always on my trending feed and I think it pretty much takes over Twitter feed. If you're a blogger you use these hashtags to not only get chatting with your blogger friends but to do a little of 1. and 2. at the same time for extra traffic! And because we all love going through all those hashtags and their weekly chats.
  10. PIN EVERYTHING - If you're a blogger on Pinterest you've got a board for everything. For fashion, beauty, nails, seasonal style, hair, crafts, diys, cats, dogs, your favourite TV show a wedding board your boyfriend doesn't know about...*ehem* You have a board for everything and you PIN everything. I do.... Admit it. You do too. I see you pinning....
  11. Stalling any consumption of food to photograph it - You're about to have dinner with your other half when your food comes out and it's looking really good. Too good to not take a photo of it. Other half is about to dig in but WAIT. You stop him from chowing down just to take a photo of the masterpiece on his plate. Yep, gotta get that Instagram shot.... and a few more for the blog review. I used to do this, but John now digs in too quickly for me to get a photo of his dinner now! I think he does it on purpose...
  12. Twitter Polls - Twitter polls are fun. Before twitter pols we used to beg out to our blogger friends for help and wait impatiently for someone to tweet you back! Now with Twitter polls we can ask our questions with ease and options so that we as readers of your tweets can click one and help you out with your question. That along with a timer so we know when we'll get our answers and stop getting upset when no one replies! I love Twitter polls and making them... They've helped me out so many times and I love answering them too. Simple and effortless. And as a community of bloggers I've seen we all love the Twitter polls!
So how many did you to relate to?
Also tell me which one is your favourite and what would you add to the list! I'd love to read them!



  1. Haha I completely agree with these I hashtag so much on my Instagram photos. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. I'm so guilty of 7 and 11. I lose track of how many times I type awesome a day! xx

  3. Blogging has definitely made me obsessed with Snapchat and Pinterest, everyone loves a good Snapchat filter for sure!! Love this post xxx

    Y x | www.thesweetsevenfive.com

  4. #FollowFriday!! Haha I remember when I first started blogging and that was the big thing. It was happening to me all the time and still does! Classic.

  5. I can relate to pretty much every one you've mentioned hahaa

    Isobel x

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