Life Through Instagram | July 2016

What Cat Says - Life Through Instagram | July 2016

I'll start with an honest statement. I've been kind of absent on Instagram recently, and it comes along side a huge blogger's block I've just overcome and a lack of doing anything really productive and interesting! But I feel like I'm going to be back in business this August and I'm excited for it! I have been up to quite a lot this month considering, and it's been either fun, life changing or emotional. Mind if I tell you all about it?

First of all. Do you like the new title for my 'life diary' posts? I think it's quite fitting and more direct and obvious. I like it personally. Let me know in the comments please?

This July has been about birthdays, endings and new beginnings and seeing friends mostly! It was my little Dolly dog's 8th birthday and my sister's 13th birthday this month and I'm still yet to post about the DIY light-up dream-catcher I made my sister for her birthday.

I also saw my good friends from home a few times catching up at one of their engagement parties and the annual fayre put on to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of a beloved friend.
I also attended an event with new and awesome blogger friend Isobel from Fashionista Chic which was so much fun! You can read all about here.

What Cat Says - Life Through Instagram | July 2016

This month I also finished my time at my old job to say hello to student-hood one more time for one more year. I'm truly going to miss all the people there and it was a super-emotional day, but it's all to reach my literal life-long dream to teach little ones! It's going to be a tough year but I can't wait to begin and then start my new life as a teacher. I know I don't talk about it a lot here, but that's simply because it's quite personal and it's not two things I'd particularly like to mix together, but I will most probably mention it every now and then!

This August is my only time work-free so I've got a pretty freed up month which is weird and honestly a little scary! I haven't got much to do, but I've given myself a pretty hefty list of things to do and I'm actually really looking forward to getting started on it.
I'm looking forward to selling a bunch of old clothes on eBay to make room for a fresh new look in my wardrobe, starting on my first essay since university - it's going to be scary but I want to finish it before I even begin the course! And I'm also looking forward to spending some time just relaxing before starting what's expected and I've been told to be a full-on year! I want to just sit, play some games and watch a bunch of House M.D.
I will also be planning a bunch of blog posts WELLLLLL ahead of schedule! Despite a busy year ahead of me, I really want to improve my blog and hopefully I can have this free time to get ahead of things so that I can focus on my studies properly when I need to and not worry about posting on time either! I'm going to be a seriously scheduled chica from now on!

What are you looking forward to this August? Got a holiday? Where are you going?

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