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Hello everybody. How are you all? I hope September is treating you kindly. So, this isn't one of my usual posts. Normally anything life related will wait until my 'Life Through Instagram' posts at the end of the month, but today I thought I would update you on what's been going on in a more casual, chatty way for once. I feel like I have a lot to vent and explain in a way. Just in case you were wondering why I've been what I feel is extremely absent lately.

In these last two weeks, life has got a little bit crazy. If you didn't know this month marked the start of my journey to teacher-hood where I'm doing a SCITT course. I won't start going into, but I'm absolutely loving it - even if it's sending me home with tons of work to do!

It's created a huge change in my life which I've been well prepared for and have been happy to take on, but my home and social life have turned upside down in the process and it's caused a little bump in my happy road.
I've noticed it lots this weekend and I've even had myself a little cry. I'm missing my spare time at the moment. I miss gaming, pampering evenings and I miss blogging massively. I've slowed down blogging for the first part of September because of this and I feel guilt ridden that the things I love doing in my spare time aren't happening and to be honest, sending me a bit loopy. I know it's only been two weeks, but two weeks can change a lot.

I'm not blaming my course AT ALL, because it's something I've loved adding to my life! I've been really on top of the work for it, and really organised with it all. I love doing my work at the end of the day and I love that I'm working towards a 2017 goal with it! In fact I'm blaming myself for forgetting that I needed to organise life as a whole. I spent so much time ensuring all the work/school stuff was done that I didn't spend any time organising a proper work/life balance. I've accidentally created a work, work, work mind set and it's really unhealthy.

My me time has disappeared which is a really unhealthy thing to do for me. I live for my me time! I love having myself a little time to be alone, unwind and relax at the end of the day. It's one of my favourite things to do and I haven't really enjoyed any of that recently. I can't even remember the last time I had a pamper evening or nothing to do.

Blogging has taken a toll too. I've just about managed to schedule some posts in at the weekend and I haven't been enjoying any light blog reading in the evenings like I used to. Instead I've been falling asleep instantly from exhaustion. I've not been on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat properly and I miss being on social media and getting involved in conversations with you all or just being a bit silly with filters and gifs. I miss taking selfies or posting some great photos on Instagram too. Simple things, but I love all that and I haven't given myself any time to do it. I'm sorry if it's looked like I disappeared off the face of the earth. I haven't - I've just had an unbalanced lifestyle recently.

I'm sorry if this is a long post and if you're still reading - thank you! I really feel like I needed to explain what's been going on recently because I really feel like I just disappeared from here, especially since I've been so inspired and motivated with everything that I do recently including blogging. I've even got a ton of new posts ready to write up and post! This is why I'm so frustrated and upset about it.

So what am I going to do about it? Well it's simple really. This shock to the system showed me the importance of a work/life balance. I don't think anyone really realises until they stop doing the things they love doing for themselves. I mean, I've even missed out on evenings with John because I've over busied myself and that's just not right at all. I've decided that I need to be stricter on my work/life hours simply to give myself a healthier balance of life. Especially now that I want to add some HIIT to my life so that I can start getting fitter for Summer 2017! A couple of things I want to do is set alarms for when work needs to stop for the day. I also want to set up strict blogging days, pamper days and social days. And I'm hoping going to make sure I stick to them!

I feel like I'll be back on track by October at least so please bear with me. I'm just a little out of balance right now. I'm hoping to get a few more posts in this week and be scheduling ahead by a couple of weeks at least. If I'm not on social media too, I'm sorry! I will be back soon, I just need to get this balance right first. Thank you for bearing with me so far and keep your eyes peeled on some new posts I'm pretty excited about ♥!


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