Life Through Instagram - August

What Cat Says | Life Through Instagram - August

This August has been probably the best one I've had in a while! With the whole month off, I experienced full-time blogging, did lots of things with John, reached a milestone and loved London. I thought that I had quite a boring and uneventful month until I returned to my Instagram and saw that actually... I've had a pretty awesome month!

So earlier on in August, I was left solo at home whilst my family went on holiday. I took this time to go on holiday mode myself and enjoyed two weeks of quiet lie ins, relaxing and quiet days blogging at home, cuddles with the dog and the loveliest evenings in with John. I made some amazing dinners that I never took photos of, I invented myself a cocktail (that's pretty sweet btw) and we watched two of our friends get married on the most beautiful day for a wedding.
These two weeks were so lovely for us because John had a couple of days off himself and since we don't live together just yet it's hard to do things like home-cooked dinners and have some serious down time without lots of people around. It was so lovely and I can't wait to have some of that time again hopefully in October!

What Cat Says | Life Through Instagram - August

When the family returned from holiday so did some normality, but it was all good. I still had another two weeks off and definitely nothing to complain about! Two Sundays in a row my mum, little brother and I had gone to London's Regents Park for a Pokémon Go hunt. I'm not joking... Solely to Pokémon hunt. And it was successful with Pinsirs, Pikachus, Laprases and all sorts caught! We did also make the most of our visit to London by going to our favourite ever café Lisboa Patisserie on Golborn Road. If you want a real Pastel de Nata and not one of those Nando's ones... this is the place to go! The second Sunday we decided a picnic in the park would be perfect... as long as the rain could hold off! Luckily for us it did! If you've got me on Snapchat (catttsays) then you would have seen me snapping the flowers and beautiful views around Regents Park the last two Sundays!

I had a pretty jam-packed month really and it's been even lovelier after reaching a huge blogger milestone for me this month which you may have read about already here. This month I reached 1000 followers on BlogLovin and I couldn't thank you reading my blog today enough for following me and making this possible. I absolutely love blogging and it makes me happy that so many of you enjoy reading my blog, whether you comment or not, or just check out my outfit photos - thank you ♥

I hope you all had an amazing August too. I'm hoping September will be great and not dawn all the winterness all at once. I need to ease into the cold.... I'm looking forward to quite a lot this month including a hotel stay with John with another date night box to review, the #BloggersFestival on Saturday and getting along with the new job! I hope you all have a wonderful September and don't forget to comment telling me what you'll be up to this month ♥



  1. In September I'm mainly working this month and catching up with friends and family that I haven't seen in a while as well as afternoon tea at Marcos Pierre and shopping in Birmingham :) have fun at the bloggers festival Cat!

    Isobel x

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  2. Looks like you had a lovely month! Well done on getting a 1000 followers!

    annie | appletoothpaste