Wishlist | Barry M Nails for Autumn/Winter

What Cat Says - Wishlist | Barry M Nails for Autumn/Winter
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Over the past month, I have rediscovered a deep love for nail polish. I love my collection and the huge selection of colours I have. I've been enjoying finding colours I've forgotten about and painting my nails on a weekly basis now. I also  forgot how relaxing it can be to concentrate on painting your nails and zone out of life whilst watching Netflix or YouTube. Oh, and the satisfaction of it drying absolutely perfectly. Right now nothing satisfies me better than a perfect mani. That all said, I would definitely like to add some colours I don't have to my nail polish collection. And being a newly converted cruelty free person, I am extremely happy to know that Barry M is cruelty free because they're my favourite nail brand ever. But it does annoy me a little to find that it is the only affordable nail brand that is easily accessible. Nevertheless, Barry M is cruelty free and they're even more awesome than before for that ♥

Today I decided to share some of the colours I would adore to have for the coming season. I've always been a big fan of winter pastels but I've recently been looking at some super dark and warming nail colours like that gorgeous evergreen, the navies and warm purple tones. I really love greys at the moment and I realised that I don't actually have a good collection of pinks either which I would love to change. I miss pink nail polish. It makes me feel like a Barbie sometimes - but in a good way!

What colours are you going to be wearing on your nails this Autumn/Winter?


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