Life Through Instagram | September

What Cat Says - Life Through Instagram | September
Dear September, you've been a rollercoaster of a month and though I'm glad you're over, you've been good to me too. This month's been extremely hectic, it's been difficult to keep up with blogging and to have some time to myself but it's been amazing getting stuck into my studies and work and also seeing my fave two gals in the blogosphere. I haven't really been on Instagram at all this month and posting just because I should. I decided to set myself some October goals and being back to my Instagram savvy self is one of them.
Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about how September went down for me.

The start of the month was pretty jam packed. I started my teacher training and I started the job I'll be doing my teacher training at. As well as that I attended the #BloggersFestival you're probably fed up of me talking about now, and I  had a lot to get sorted out life wise like getting into a new routine, waking up early again and organising my time wisely. I'm still working on that last part if I'm honest.

The #BloggersFestival is still the highlight of my month not only because it's one of the best events I've been to, but I got to see my good friends Ana and Tanya. I got to meet a couple of new blogger friends and talk to a bunch of amazing brands. You can read all about it here.

What Cat Says - Life Through Instagram | September

I kinda slipped with blogging, and I did talk a little bit about it earlier in the month in a post. Though I accidentally let this happen, I'm going to try and get back into my 4 posts a week again or at least 3 especially since I have some fun collaborations and a million ideas to get through!

The whole of this month has mostly been about my teacher training and getting into my new and busy routine. I'm slowly getting used to it. I did get a little emotional about everything a couple of weeks ago and quickly realised that I need to remember to make time for myself too, whether it is blogging, playing a game or just having a pamper session. This weekend I've been good at doing that and had a good and long pamper session one night, played games for this entire evening and now, I feel back to my regular self again. Yes, I'll probably be working a little tomorrow but I did some things for myself already and actually, once it's done I get to do the two other things I love doing - having some blog time and seeing John for a lovely and chilled out evening.

I'm sorry this month's LTI is a bit boring, but I think next month's will be a little more exciting!
What am I looking forward to in October? Well, I've got some fun work stuff going on, I have half term at the end of the month with a caravan booked in Norfolk, some cool blogging collaborations and the fact that I get to bring out all my chunky jumpers. Oh, and I'm on the hunt for a puffy winter coat. Send me recommendations on where to get one!

I hope September has been good to you too ♥ What are you looking forward to this October?


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  1. Well my October is filled with mainly work and blogging but, in heading down to London today with Sophie again for the Olympia Beauty Show! Then next week I'm jetting off to Ibiza! September wasn't too bad except the part where I sort most of it I'll again!

    Isobel x

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