Wishlist | Easy Halloween Style

What Cat Says - Wishlist | Easy Halloween Style 2016
Floral Cat Ears | Bat-Cat Tee | Bones Leggings | Mwahaha Leggings
Bat Socks | Cape Playsuit | Web ChokerFangs Elbow Jumper

I'm going to be honest with you. Because I like you. I don't really like Halloween.
I don't like scary things because they genuinely give me nightmares so Halloween night is not fun for me. I'd rather stay at home watching happy things on Netflix, cut up a pumpkin, put a candle in it and give out sweeties.

And the other reason is simply because I didn't get to enjoy it properly as a child! I didn't go trick or treating because at the time my mum totally was against it. And even as a teen, I didn't get to dress up and go to Halloween parties because I couldn't ever make them (or was never invited LOL). In fact, in my life, I've only ever dressed up for Halloween properly 3 times. And I think I posted those three outfits on my blog because they've been in the past 6 years.

But I do like dressing up so I love to look at the style and fashion that comes out around Halloween time. So what I like to do sometimes is dress up a little Halloweeny on the day. It's an easy and lazy way through Halloween really. Here I picked some of my favourites that I spotted online which I thought were great alternatives to proper Halloween outfits or to add to your outfits! I hope you enjoy them. My favourites are the floral cat ears and mwahahaha leggings!

I think this year I'm just going to paint my face a bit scary for the kids at the door.
What are you doing this Halloween?


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