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What Cat Says - Wishlist | Puffers & Belted Parkas

I always feel like a need a new coat every year. Something fresh, new and really warm. But when this happens, I often get too caught up with how it looks and less on how warm it's actually going to make me. Luckily for me - this year I'm really loving the look of some of these thick and warm looking puffers and parkas. Puffers particularly.

If I had to have ANY of the coats up here, I would be so on that gorgeous black fur one from Superdry (3). On the model it looks so warm and I love a fur hood. I've never had a puffer jacket either so I think it would nice to finally own one. I think it would be versatile, timeless and I also think it's one of those investment pieces when you spend a little extra on a coat. Right now, I just feel my coats aren't very versatile because of colour or are simply uninspiring. I've got two good coats, but they're smart and I need something that's a little more casual and better for work, walks and general icy days! An everyday coat as such.

I also really love 6 for both smart and casualness. It's one I spotted in River Island's New In page a while back and have looked at a couple of times since. And also as an alternative to the Superdry puffer, I really like the Miss Selfridge puffer (4). It's how cosy it looks and those big fur hoods that win me over ♥

What sort of coats are you looking at for this Autumn/Winter?

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  1. I too really love the look of the grey furry one, perfect for the colder weather!

    Isobel x

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