What's Going On Cat?

This is the longest time I've gone without blogging. 10 days is a long time for me to be away from my favourite place on the internet and as you may have noticed things have not been running smoothly for a while now. It's been getting me down a lot recently and even though I did a little life update about this back in December I feel like doing another one for myself more than anything. There's a lot going on still so please bare with me while I figure things out. I'll be back to normal soon, but for now you can read up on why things haven't been so normal for the last few months.

As most of you know, I've been having a pretty tough year but also the year of a lifetime completing my teaching course. It's been a crazy 6 months so far and I have only 4 months left but it's probably going to be the most intense 4 months of my life. With the work placements, studying and all the prep work I have to do I barely have a minute in the day left for myself. It's a sacrifice I knew I had to make, but I know if I try really hard I can get myself reorganised and as back to normal as I can.

On top of the challenge of organising my work/study time, I've been trying to fit in workouts, time for myself and time for blogging. If you saw my last post then you'll know that I've been giving myself time to relax and look after myself after my stressful days. At the moment, everyday is a stressful day and so I've been doing the things on that list a lot which has meant, I've sacrificed blogging time a lot too. It's been more important recently to have that time because it's what's kept me grounded and level headed. As for the workouts, I've sacrificed them sometimes too, but I've been making sure to keep those in as much as possible as it's something that I need to ensure I fit into my lifestyle from now on as part of my goals for 2017 and essentially for life.

Though I have had times where I could have blogged and I've been doing nothing productive, motivation then becomes the problem. I've lost it a little bit and though I have a million post ideas written down and I get really excited to do them but then my motivation drops like a skydiver from a plane. I'm still not sure why but it's getting to me now. If you have any tips for getting motivated again, that would be amazing.
I do end up feeling really guilty that I haven't posted in a while too, but I'd rather post quality content I'm proud of than rubbish content that isn't worth a read and is only there just to keep the consistency going. And I hope that's okay for now, because I can't see my posts becoming more frequent for a while yet... Give me time and I will definitely get there ♥

I do have a lot of exciting and new collaboration posts planned to go up in the next month though and that's what's really bugging me, because between those I have ideas for other posts that would be equally as great as the ones I've already got planned. Please hang on just a little longer for me to get my act together. Things are just a little bit upside down, sideways and backwards at the moment. Once I've caught up and ran ahead with my work/study stuff, I can focus on the blog a little better ♥

I hope you've all had lovely weeks and weekends! Don't forget to share some tips on how to get motivated again. That'd be really helpful.



  1. I've just come back off a break from blogging and YouTube as I just wanted time for myself and to spend with others and not so much on social media. I do have a post you might find useful here Cat! http://fashionistachic14.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/advice-what-motivates-me.html?m=1 Hope it helps! Looking forward to your new content! Hope you don't get too stressed with all this hard work your doing!

    Isobel x

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    1. I'm definitely going to read that post now Isobel! It's always good to have a break, luckily I have my motivation back right now :) x