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At the moment, my makeup collection is looking a little sparse. I'm down to my last eyeliner, mascara  and I'm in need of replacing a few things too after a year of almost buying no makeup unless it was an absolute must. I'm still proudly going for only cruelty free products in my beauty collection and have found some gorgeous things I'd love and have popped into my wishlist this week.

Nail Paints (In Lemonade & Popsicle)  | Makeup Brush Shampoo
Liquid Lipstick (in Silk Indulgent) | Eyeshadow Palette
Contour & Highlight Brush Duo | Metallic Lip Kit (all of them!)
Blusher (in Nude'Tude) | Mascara | Metallic Eyeliners (in Kush & Fireball)

So first of all I'd love to talk about the beautiful Naked Heat palette which is right up my street because I love, love, love warm-toned and reddish eye shadows at the moment. It's actually been a love for a couple of years now, but it's a palette I must have in my collection! Also from Urban Decay, I've fallen for these two beautiful eyeliners after swatching them in Debenhams. If I had to only pick one it'd be fireball - to match the Heat pallete of course... duh.

On the topic of metallics, have you seen the Barry M metallic lip kits? They are gorgeous, and I'd love to walk around with metallic lips. I have one of their matte lip kits so I'd love to see what the metallic one is like. In all 3 colours please...
Also from Barry M I'd love to try the new Coconut Infusion nail paint colours. I have two beautiful nudes from this collection but a bright for the summer would be lovely I think! I especially love the yellow one called Lemonade. 

Now the last thing I want to specifically mention from this week's wishlist is the Eco Tools makeup brush shampoo which I definitely need in my life. I'm constantly running short of my own shampoo or baby shampoo getting my brushes cleaned and would love a shampoo just for my brushes! I didn't know they did one so I'm going to have to get this online... maybe along with those duo brushes too to up my contouring game.

I'm severely missing being able to spend a couple of quid on some makeup to spruce up my collection. It's looking super drab right now and I just want to make it look lovely again with some new things! What's on your beauty wishlist at the moment?



  1. My makeup wishlist is never ending! Haha! Ive recently made the switch to buying cruelty-free makeup products and Im so happy I did. I'd love to try the UD Naked Heat palette!


    1. Awww I'm glad you've decided to go cruelty-free Becca!!! It makes me feel so much happier to being CF and I hope it does that to you too. I feel like I may have made a tiny weeny fractions of a difference :)
      And I've got a lovely gift card today I'm going to spend on the palette!!!


  2. Omg I am dying to get my hands on the new naked palette!!

    Isobel x

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    1. YES ISOBEL! I think the colours would look gorgeous on you! You do a good copper eye makeup look <3