Wishlist | Favourite Things (On Clothes)

I adore clothing with things that I like on them. I love graphic tees, embroidery and bold prints that show your personality and all the things you are about and here for. I've been shopping the internet for just these things and I think I've made a pretty cute wishlist! I think some of my closest friends will say that this is spot on my style and all me!

At the moment I'm pretty obsessed with the cactus trend, but I feel like I was always obsessed with the cactus trend. I've noticed a lot that there are now loads of things with a cacti print or a cactus on. I've got a top with a cactus on, I've got a phone case and I've even got a desk tidy in the shape of a cactus. I've loved it for a while and this is a trend I'm happy to see at the moment in graphic clothing. 

I've always loved clothing with animals on too. Cats in particular for obvious reasons. Recently I saw a friend wearing the camel version of these black pumps from ASOS and I fell in love. When she told me they came in black, I just had to check them out. Now I want them! I also really love the look of the Koala sweatshirt I found on Bershka. I'd forgotten all about Bershka and I'm annoyed at myself because I really love their stuff. I'm hoping to visit a local one soon and do a bit of shopping now.

Last year the colours I seemed to gravitate towards a lot was blue and white. After Santorini I became pretty obsessed with this colour theme and I bought a lot in these colours. This year - well as of a couple of months ago, I've become infatuated with yellow. I have a yellow bullet journal, I am a Hufflepuff who's colour is yellow and I have at least two yellow jumpers. I wouldn't want to stop there though. After losing the yellow jumper of my dreams from Zara a couple of years ago (when it was out of stock and never to be seen again) I've been in search for one similar. I think I found a couple but right now I'm drawn to this one from Mango. It's not quite as thick, chunky, soft and comfy as the Zara one I remember but it's still very nice.

Anyway, that's my wishlist for this week. I hope you liked some of the things on it. Let me know what is your favourite and what you're liking that represents your personality right now too.

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