Wishlist | Glasses 2017

It's been a quick two years since I last got a new pair of prescription glasses. Sure, I've been lucky enough to have a couple of blog opportunities where I've acquired a couple of new glasses into my collection but you can't really beat the quality of your local high street opticians' selection. With my two years up, I'm ready to take advantage of the 2 for 1 on designer glasses offer and get myself two new pairs for the next couple of years. I have a few I'd really like to find, try and possibly buy at my local Specsavers in the next couple of weeks!

I've absolutely loved my last two pair of glasses but I've finally hit the boredom wall with them and just in time. Despite having a couple of new pairs via blog opportunities, they're not to the highest standard that I like to wear daily so I'm in for a couple of new pairs. I'm actually going to update one of my last eyeglasses reviews because the wear is no longer comfortable and I can see the pad deteriorating! So I'm really needing a new pair now.

I found some new styles on the Specsavers website just this week and I'm crossing my fingers that I find them in store too, particularly the Kylie Minogue collection because I'm obsessed with her classic styles and colours (The Kylie 05 is my absolute fave and I'm praying they have it!). Not only are they great versatile colours, but they're classic styles that I feel will fit my face shape. I'm really up for a nude-pink pair of glasses to keep things natural when I need to and to match all my makeup looks whether they're bright and bold or soft and neutral.

I'm also really loving the idea of some classic black frames too for a different and bolder look. My first ever pair of glasses were a black rectangular pair but since then, I haven't had a black pair and I think I'd like another. I particularly love the black and pink ones from Love Moschino but I feel the pink might be too much so I'd probably realistically go for something like the Replay ones.

I'm booking myself in for an eye test soon and getting my contact lenses again so it might not be long before you see which styles I went for in the end. Last time it was the ones I'd least expected to buy!
Which two do you think I should get?


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