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These days, I'm a huge fan of pyjamas. I have loads of them, but they all need some replacing. That's why this year I hope Santa brings me some pyjamas! But I do think I still need to treat myself to a pair for Christmas morning. There are some pretty cool designs out there for all sorts of occasions as well as Christmas morning, but also to feel good in when you sleep! Here are some of my favourites I've found online this evening...

Miffy | Snow Good | Coca Cola | Christmas Morning

If there's something that happens Christmas morning that I know I forget about almost every year, is the fact that there may be photos taken first thing in the morning when you've just woken up. Maybe you're not looking your best. I know I'm usually not. We take photos of people opening presents at my house so this is a annual thing. These photos always include me looking rough but always in my pyjamas. Now that I'm a lot older, I like the idea of looking cute in these Christmas morning photos and what cuter way than to be in some fresh new pyjamas. (Bought especially for Christmas)

I think I might treat myself to some new pyjamas this year and firstly, I'd love to see if New Look still have the Christmas Morning pyjamas in stock! I think that would look amazing first thing on Christmas morning because it's so Christmassy. As well as some Christmassy ones, I'd like ones that are suited to be worn all year round too though, so I'm still uhmming and ahhing and what ones I'd want to get. Right now my heart is set on the Powerpuff Girl pyjamas and the Miffy ones from Next. I think Next have got an amazing collection of pyjamas at the moment worth looking at. They've got something for everyone and potentially every cartoon character you like from as far as I can see!

Anyway, I'm definitely getting myself some new ones this year! Which ones do you think I should go for? And which ones are your favourite? Let me know :)


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