Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year again where people start asking what we'd like for Christmas. For me, it's also my birthday a few days before. I know that my family come on here to look at my wishlist, but you know what? We're all quite honest and tell each other what we'd like. It's just our choice wheteher to listen or to get something we think of.

When I write a little wishlist for both my birthday and Christmas. I feel like I don't see wishlists like this very much anymore but I still love to do a classic wishlist like this. This year, I've been asked what I'd like and actually, there's nothing that I really want. (Especially now that I have Cracker!) I genuinely appreciate people just being around, so I'm not bothered about presents anymore. I have everything I could ever want. But of course, naturally there are some things I'd like and a few things that I was thinking of getting myself. 

The things on my wishlist are either practical, cosy, homely or beauty. I'm really keen to build a updated collection of lounge wear and also some new things to add to my office/guest bedroom when I've finished decorating. I'm also looking for some boots - specifically flat ones so that I can wear  something that it a little bit more comfortable.

Duvet / Reebok Trainers Perfume / Trainers /  Eye Makeup / Candle / Cleansing Brush / Hat 

I'm also looking for some nice casual footwear for the weekends too. I'd really like to stock up on some of my favourite cruelty free brand products too like the Eden perfumes and the bareMinerals eye makeup set since I'm having to throw away my old mascaras. There isn't anything massive that I'd like this year at all but of course, I have to admit that it'd be nice to see something from my wishlist under the tree this year! Hehe... :P

What's on your wishlist this year?

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